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I had so much fun keeping track of the movies in 2012, here's my new roundup for 2013

1) January 8 This is 40 Mom and I found this movie funny in the beginning and then it got slow. We definitely didn't enjoy the ridiculous language, we don't find it necessary. I did like the soundtrack of the movie and yes, there were some funny moments, but there were a lot of things that seemed out of place (they're having money troubles but drive a new BMW and Lexus?) but I'm glad we saw it for free.
2) January 13 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey See my entry on January 13 for my review of the movie.
3) January 15 Gangster Squad This movie is a very violent gritty action movie, obviously as it deals with "inspired by a true story" in Los Angeles in 1949 with their mob connection. The movie was impeccably cast and absolutely brilliant. There were some moments that were just a little too hard to watch (the first scene had me closing my eyes) and of course, the guns were a little much at times (uh those explosions don't always quite happen that way). It was a really good mob movie and I'm glad I went to see it.
4) January 27 Les Miserables I went with Ginny to see this movie and though I found the actors great, the singing not so much. You could tell that Eponine and Fantine both had a musical background and I was pleasantly surprised by Javert and Marius, but OMG Jean Valjean and Cosette? And was Helena Bonham Carter necessary? I swear "Crazy hair needed? we must have Helena Bonham Carter!!" The movie was very long and disjointed, I think I'd enjoy the book much more because the characters don't have much backstory or really a chance to develop. I loved the guy who played Marius and can't wait to see more of him.
5) January 29 Beasts of the Southern Wild Based on the trailers, I thought this movie would be a lot more whimsical rather than the seriousness. Also, the young actress was good, but Oscar worthy? Most of her lines were voiceovers and then if you get an obedient child, any one could have done that. Yes it was enjoyable movie with a few laughs but definitely not what I was expecting and not really Oscar noteworthy.
6) February 5 Warm Bodies Absolutely loved this movie! I don't think I can recommend this movie enough if you're looking for a good kick back and relax movie. The actors were cast perfectly, the language (not much cursing, it was done solely for effect, which is much better) and the makeup artists? Seriously, I can't recommend it enough. The soundtrack was played for laughs. Honestly, I kept laughing and that's a good thing. Not all of the funny moments were in the trailer which is always plus, there was so much more to this movie. I really enjoyed it.
7) February 26 Identity Thief Ehhhhhhhh, the funny parts were mostly in the trailer and the story was super long. It just dragged on and on and I remember why I can only take Jason Bateman in small doses. He just grates on me, except in Arrested Development because so many of the other characters bother me. Would not recommend this movie.
8) March 12 Oz the Great and Powerful See my entry on March 12 for a long review on this movie.
9) May 3 Iron Man 3 LOVED this movie. I really enjoy all of the Iron Man movies and this was no exception. There were just a few lulls in it.
10) May 7 The Big Wedding This movie was rated R and it was a little surprising, but you could see why because it went a little over the top. Mom and I enjoyed it though, and that's what really matters. At least there were more funny parts besides what was in the trailer.
11) May 21 Star Trek Into Darkness I enjoyed this movie but I found it very drawn out. I don't know, I liked the first one more.
12) June 23 World War Z This is a great action flick starring Brad Pitt and is very much a prequel to the book by Max Brooks. I loved the different locations and how each country handled the situation. I was entertained and now feel like rereading the book.
13) July 4 Despicable Me 2 I found the movie to be slow in the beginning but I loved it towards the end. I really liked the minions and think they are the most adorable part of the movie and really needed more of the minions. It was an enjoyable sequel.

1) January 12 Young Adult Can I just say how much I love Charlize Theron as an actress? She's so versatile and this movie definitely stretches her chops as an actress. It is a movie that looks at someone who has never grown up from her heyday as a high school prom queen and is now a young adult novelist who goes back home when her high school sweetheart is having a child. She believes him to be miserable in his marriage and sets to steal him back but only ends up making a fool of herself. It was okay, but I found it a bit long with limited soundtrack. I feel that a movie really needs either a better storyline or better music, and sometimes both of these.
2) January 13 Hysteria This movie is about the man who invented the vibrator as a way of curing hysteria, which was a real medical condition thought to be cured by orgasms. Seriously, you can't make this up. And so why not make a movie out of it? Well I can see why this movie was limited to arthouse theaters, it just doesn't have the mass appeal for a wide release. It was an okay movie, with an obviously fictionalized story set with a little bit of truth. It moved pretty quickly though and I'm glad I knew a little more about the history (seeing A Dangerous Method last year also aided in what people thought of women's hysteria and how they could be institutionalized for it) but overall, I wouldn't recommend this movie.
3) January 20 9 to 5 This movie, starring Lily Tomlin, Jana Fonda, and Dolly Parton, comes recommended to me by everyone as I am now an office drone, I was certainly amused by it, but I was also not quite sure how standard it was as office drone. I feel Office Space was a little better on that front, because this movie was purely ridiculous in the situations, but still funny with the three actresses. It was obvious the movie was about them. Enjoyable and I was glad I watched it with Mommy, other than I wished Dad hadn't snored through most of it.
4) January 23 Fantastic Mr. Fox This movie was was really weird but the voices were amazing and I kept trying to guess the actors. I feel like reading the book by Roald Dahl might make the movie make more sense. A very typical Wes Anderson movie.
5) January 27 I am Number Four This is a typical teen sci-fi flick starring Dianna Agron (Quinn from Glee) and Alex Pettyfer. It played up on a lot of teen stereotypes and the music was certainly enjoyable in the beginning, other than the teens are all OMG drop dead gorgeous OBVIOUSLY. It was an interesting movie based on a book and I think the book would probably be better because I feel like there were parts I was bored during and didn't understand everything. Glad I just watched it at home.
6) February 1 Battle Los Angeles This movie is definitely a movie to be enjoyed on a large screen. The action was good but I found the beginning a bit dull. Definitely a movie I could rewatch again.
7) February 9 Alice in Wonderland Decided to finally check out the Johnny Depp/Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland version and I did not enjoy it at all. It was really bizarre and I guess I really just wanted to watch the cartoon or even the Czech one, which was better when I saw it years ago.
8) April 28 Hotel Transylvania I wish movies would focus less on always inserting a love story. This movie would have been better if it was just about awesome monsters. The voice actors were really good, but it's not a movie I have to see again.
9) May 10 Mulan II This was a terrible movie. Granted, Mulan was such an amazing movie that nothing could really live up to it but I'm sick of this constant love stories in every movie I see.
10) May 12 Anna Karenina I loved the costumes and music of the movie but I was disappointed. Stylistically, it was shot like a theatrical production as opposed to a movie production.
11) May 30 Flight This movie stars Denzel Washington and he is good in this role. I knew there would be a lot of alcohol abuse but I did not think there would be so much overt drug use and the story didn't always follow a clear path of where it was going. I did enjoy the drama of this movie.
12) June 2 The Words This movie looked much better in the trailer and looked like only two stories, when in reality, it was three stories and the ending was definitely not expected and weird and inappropriate. Overall, dull and not very entertaining
13 June 8 Lola Versus Can we stop with movies where the late 20s/early 30s woman goes through a crisis living in NYC and her life hasn't turned out perfect? I had really wanted to see this movie, but was quite disappointed with it.
14) June 15 The Black Cauldron I can see why this animated classic by Disney never gained quite the following as other movies because it doesn't have the princess and hero scenario and there aren't any singalong songs. I enjoyed it, but it's definitely not the classic Disney-esque movie.
15) June 21 Before Sunset This is the second movie in the now trilogy starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. The two of them have such great chemistry and this is about them meeting up 9 years after they spend the night wandering Vienna together, this time they meet in Paris after he has released a book detailing that unforgettable day together. It was such a good movie and surprising because the whole movie just focuses on the two of them.
16) June 22 Celeste and Jesse Forever This movie stars Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones as a couple who has divorced but still spend all of their time together. It's interesting because she's so successful and he is not, so I don't get the high powered women who end up with losers theme and really wish it would stop. It was an okay movie but not something I'd highly recommend.
17) June 23 Before Sunrise This begins Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke's friendship/romance where they meet on a train from Budapest to Vienna and end up spending the entire night just talking in Vienna. I really like how comfortable and natural the characters are. It was a good movie.
18) July 5 The Guilt Trip This movie stars Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand as a son and mother doing a roadtrip together. Mom and I thought it was enjoyable but we're glad we didn't see it in the theaters and found it a bit slow and lacking in the soundtrack department, considering it's a roadtrip.


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