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I am just going to cut my entire rant and rave of how amazing this day has been because uh yeah.

Sorry the picture is blurry but you know what? I kind of don't care because I got to talk to him and we had a full conversation!

First awesome things: DJ and Caroline (my friends that I'm spending the weekend with) made me breakfast! Granted, I baked them cookies but they are letting me stay here so they made me pancakes and bacon and it was amazing, I love them. Jack and Molly joined us and we had a nice breakfast while watching Toy Story 3 and then the Transporter 2 (since hey we watched Transporter last night). Then I headed off to meet [ profile] scifidvm in the city. She was way uptown but I adore Union Square, which is where the theater was, so I hung out at the farmer's market.

Walked around, you know just wine tasting because you know what sorry not sorry about anything this weekend. That was the theme. So I drink a little, walk a bit, and then OMG CHEESE! The cheese chick who was super excited in Morristown was there and we introduced ourselves and that was kind of awesome and random, but not super unexpected. Sci's running around and says to meet at 1, so I check out the Strand and just wtf there is a random flea market down Broadway that confused me. I'm just kind of walking because I know how flexible you have to be with times in the city, you don't know if your subway is running and what not so I walk past the rush line and hear my name! BERRIOS AND JEANNIE ARE THERE!!

We end up talking while I wait for Sci who just happens to have two extra tickets for the Shorts: Moral Fibers we went to see and since the original movie Berrios was going to see ended up being sold out, they joined us for lunch. Just ate at a Pret because it was way more important to be in line early for our stalking, but not creepily of course. Meanwhile we're telling Jeannie who is all "ABSOLUTELY NO SHAME" and is right along with us in this adventure of ours. We go in and let Sci pick the seats since she's the one with the gameplan. We sit towards the back and are just watching the theater fill up. Originally, she had planned on sitting up front but opted for the back. Fine by me. We're still watching people come in and then OMG David comes walking down the aisle, so now we know for a fact he is here, finally confirmation haha. They announce all the directors of the shorts and it's awesome. He just kind of waves and sits back down, kind of like he didn't want the attention? Whatever, on with the movies.

Love in the Time of March Madness was this animated film about a 6'-4" basketball girl and the difficulty of being tall. Great film, enjoyable. Then Firstborn was this Israeli film student project and honestly the one I didn't get. Then Rubai was about this Irish girl not believing in God and omg that child actress can work it! She was amazing and I can't wait to see more (I wish there was an opportunity for more short films, these were fun!) Next was Today's The Day and it was this over the top singing and dance number about a guy who wants to be a dancer and audition. Danny DeVito was in it briefly and was perfect. Probably the most light-hearted of all of the films. Then Parachute about an investment bank going under and the junior bankers not knowing what to do. Crucial moment? The makeout with the jumper behind them. It was interesting. Stew and Punch was terrible. It was about a houseparty in Britain that was filled with too much second hand emabarassment.

And of course, the one we went for, Record. Probably the best, really. It was the most cohesive story, it ended well and can I say if David goes into writing/directing, I will watch all of it based on thsi film alone? It was so well done. And the actress blew me away. Darrien Skylar is one to watch. SHE IS SO CUTE IN PERSON TOO!!! So after films end they call everyone up and talk and do a Q&A. Sci's camera wasn't the best but Jeannie had no shame and so hopefully some of hers come out. Then Darrien goes up and David gives her a huge hug and it was super cute. Not too much other the film was made in Oregon so that was cool and random.

Okay films ends and Berrios and Jeannie dash off for the next Rush. We wait for the theater to thin out a bit and head towards the front, and start talking to Darrien since David is being all important. We get a picture with him for Sci but then Tribeca pushes out in to the hallway and we're kind of just babbling with David and Darrien about NYC. Darrien is so excited because it's her first time in NYC and she loves it and oh have I mentioned that the weather was insanely perfect? No, well yeah it was perfect. So I get a picture with David in the hallway. Didn't even bother with autograph because honestly our conversation was way more entertaining. We find out he's going to be in NYC for the next 10 days and I ask if he's been before and he says yes, apparently his sister lived in NYC. So I go "oh I guess you know all the spots to go" and his face made just this "oh yeah I do" but then he was talking to Darrien's mom and his manager was there so we just kind of peaced out. Ran back into Jeannie and Berrios in the rush line and we decide to go get the rest of Sci's vouchers for films she didn't redeem. Which of course is on 23rd and 8th and we are currently at 11th and 3rd. I suggest we walk to Union Square, since cabbing it was the best option. We cab it up there and just decide to walk to Highline park since the next movie we want to see isn't until 10:30.

Then we walk a few blocks just chatting and can I just say how awesome Sci is? Seriously, this was awesome and amazing and I can't wait until she comes up here (or if there's a reason for me to go near her, definitely). Right so then bar time! I had pineapple infused vodka and Sci had some pineapple peach one that was good. We just chilled and talked waiting around before we decided to finally see what was happening, still nothing at the theater so we went this place Pie Face and had baby pies SO ADORABLE. Then we wait in line for Rush tickets to see ZOMBEAVERS

YES it is as awesomely bad as it sounds. Seriously, this movie was all kinds of amazing and a great B-movie except for all the nudity and sex references, so it wouldn't be on TV. Then the director and cast did a Q&A and they were great too. This has been such a fun experience and I need more adjectives but it's super late, I'm tired. Also somehow we didn't have to pay for Zombeavers (oversight on Tribeca's part?) so now I still have Sci's vouchers that Jeanie, Berrios and I might use at some point to see something else.


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