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Right so where to begin with this weekend? First theme was no shame.

[ profile] scifidvm and I agreed to meet at noonish on Saturday, this way it'd give us both time to sleep since I didn't get home until 3AM what? and I have no idea what time she had gone to bed and I know how much flying takes out of me. I also get a nice text from Olivia panicking about her poor cat and of course Sci knew exactly what was wrong and even knew of the hospital Olivia took her cat to! So right, we meet up and I drop all of my stuff off at her hotel room before we decide to walk from Chelsea to Union Square because I knew a friend who worked the cheese stand and I love the farmer's market. Sci was excited over cheese and we sampled and then they just gave it to us for free! Awesome!

We keep walking to market and tasted this AMAZING ice wine made from apples. Of course it's lunch time and we really didn't want to be carrying around wine with us all day so then we decided to stop for lunch at Whole Foods before having the brilliant idea of checking out the NBC store up at Rockefeller Center, because hey why not? It was eh, but then the ice skating rink is still up at Rockefeller Center which I feel is a little late for the season but whatever. We then walked down 5th Avenue to go to Bryant Park and see the New York Public Library and all the pretty flowers. Took the subway back down buy the ice wine. Of course then we realize we have no corkscrew but Sci remembered there was a wine store next to her hotel so we end up there and then bought a bottle of moscato to drink on the rooftop terrace before going to the BEFilm Festival. We decided we weren't going to hold back and we were going to dress fancy. But first, a bottle of wine. Luckily, we finished it just as it started raining so we caught a cab after dressing up, not really sure what to expect at this point.

Well it was in this random building and we were only going for Penance and you could see this was just someone's pet project. The screening room was nice and we got to try fancy vodka, they kept taking our pictures because we were fancy and then David didn't show up. We were slightly disappointed, but after seeing the film and having met him last week, we could see where he'd be embarrassed to watch himself. But vodka. So then after all the films (only two were good, both animated. This one about a breakup phone call that was animated like fighting ninjas and then the Oscar winning short Mr. Hublot) one of the winners couldn't be there and decided to share what we guess to be a $500-1000 bottle of champagne with everyone. SCORE ONE FOR US!!!

So we were kind of sad and disappointed about this and we were just looking forward to using up the rest of the vouchers on Sunday. Oh right and the weather was nice other than the insane amount of rain after 4PM, when we stopped drinking. Luckily for me it stopped raining when I got to Hoboken because I was staying at Nick's for the night, not really wanting to impose on Sci and mostly to see Nick since I don't see him often enough. It took forever to figure out just how to get to Nick's because there are so many options and all involved either something unfamiliar or lots of walking. Meanwhile, I blew off going to Matt's birthday party at Barcade to spend time with Sci, WELL WORTH IT THOUGH!!

Now on Sunday, this was our last chance. Nothing like sleeping on a couch for me and then finding out your phone is dying and your only phone charger is the car one ALL THE WAY CROSS TOWN. Luckily, I needed to go there anyway to put my stuff in my car and then I just charged my phone enough so I could meet up with Sci. I got up crazy early because again, nothing like sleeping on a couch.

I know she likes Starbucks and I knew where the one close to her hotel was so that seemed like the easiest place to meet. Originally we were going to meet at the theater THAT WAS ACTUALLY IN TRIBECA but I was going to get lost and lots of walking but if I met Sci it wasn't going to be bad. Then of course stupid weekend subways not running to the station we wanted to we had to play the transfer game but we get there and there is like no rush line. We got this, we own this system it hasn't failed us yet. We go to see a serious of short films entitled "Digital Dilemmas" and holy shit, when they say experimental, I feel like I needed acid for this. The first one was beautiful but the rest? I watched a bleached film with nail polish to dubstep for FIFTEEN MINUTES WTF!!! Right so afterwards we had lots of time to kill.

We go eat lunch because we realized we've kind of been forgetting to eat, just maybe. Mostly nerves (My dinner Saturday was literally alcohol and more alcohol with a touch of juice) but yeah, went to some random basic diner and had yummy food because I don't eat in Chinatown. We walk around a lot and then didn't realize the way the theater had the rush lines set up we ended up missing the next short series called "City Limits" which had the short "One Year Lease" that won a bunch of awards. Well we tried to do the rush line and it's the only one that failed us. Ugh, so disappointed. Except not. I had remembered doing a chocolate walking tour in this neighborhood with my mom months ago and said, let's kill time for doing that.

Sci looked up the stores on her phone and we wandered around. We also found the store Evolution that was super neat with fossils and other cool things (her vet kept showing as she pointed stuff out) and we both bought chocolate at different stores and then were debating what to do because we had already determined we weren't going to sit through Moral Fibers (the short Record was showing with) because we had seen but we still wanted to catch him and not be a creeper. So we walked around the theater and kind of stand there and then babble. Talk to the people who had tried to rush the City Limits with us before and then Sci starts freaking out. She keeps telling me to turn around and I'm being my oblivious self. I see him omg there he is!!!

Now wtf do we do? Sci's freaking out, I'm a little nervous and we kind of didn't plan this super well. So we walk around, see him and then debate just taking the subway (which is right next to the theater) back uptown to catch the next movie rush line. Sci had wanted to see Fran Kranz's film like nothing else and it was only showing two days so this was the only time that would have worked (which is why we decided not see Moral Fibers) right so now he's headed towards the ticket holders line (seriously David! you wait in line like the rest of us?) and I point out to Sci that we can just go catch the 1 train at Varick St and miss him again, but still be able to see him before we get to be too chicken shit. Okay so we turn the corner and I just give her a push "no shame" and walked up to him "hey David, how are you?"

I feel like it took him a second to recognize us but he asked what we had been up to and god I really can't remember most of the conversation, such a blur. We talked about how friendly the city is and tourists and how much we're enjoying the film festival and if all festivals are like this. Then we mention we saw Intramural and the short film this morning and then we bring up Penance. I can't remember if it was me or Sci, but whatevs. His face was priceless when he goes "uh, that was not a fun film" no, it was not but Record's pretty sad too. So then the ticketholder line started moving and he ran off to catch his friends but we basically said see you at the next film festival and he agreed. I wish I had recorded the conversation if only because I can't remember the order of events or exactly what we talked about but omg he is awesome and amazing and best first film festival experience ever. Also I think we totally startled him (he was all incognito this time, sunglasses and ugly, ugly hat) because he almost dropped his phone SO CUTE

Right so we book it back to Union Square and go to our favorite bar, Village Pourhouse so we can watch when they post the rush line for "Murder of a Cat" and we were so giggly and fangirling because omg he's awesome and we were so adult when talking to him like how does this happen? Right so we get in the rush line and made friends with the girls behind us and it was awesome. Also Sci had one voucher left and then some random lady gave me her voucher so I didn't pay? Between the two of us, we got several movies for free, making it well worth it. We ended up with 5 free movie tickets overall. We get in yay!!

Murder of a Cat was similar to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time but super funny. Ugh the writers were such hipsters. Also Sci was freaking out before we got in because she saw Fran Kranz who she loves to death and was now determined to get a picture with him (we're still on a high from meeting David again and him remembering us. And if he didn't remember us, he played it off so well and also seemed disappointed we weren't staying) So right, after the Q&A for Murder of a Cat we basically push our way up and Fran says "let's take a picture outside" so we go to the hallway, get the picture and decide we need to drink on her rooftop terrace in celebration of a successful film festival and well worth her coming back, considering I probably would have just taken the tickets and seen the Lego documentary yesterday.

Then we just chilled out inside (it was cold yo) and I knew I needed to head home so we said our goodbyes but not before promising to do this again. Because it was so much fun.
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