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A few months ago I read [ profile] carlier36's Vivre (at the End of the World) a Revolution fanfic with the summary "General Matheson faces a new resistance, Militia wives and what remains of the art world, not to mention his best friend's slow spiral into madness."

Since Philadelphia is so close to me and Olivia and I have been dying to go for a long time (we wanted to go last year but the Barnes tickets were sold out) we finally went and luckily the weather held out and was gorgeous. Slightly windy, but that didn't matter much since we were indoors all day. Of course, I didn't tell Olivia I was inspired by Revolution to go to these museums, but we were certainly had an amazing day and I'm exhausted. Pictures below the cut.


Also the Philadelphia Museum of Art is huge and grand and amazing. The Barnes is incredibly overwhelming and a well done collection. (Also sidenote: I totally was think about Miles and Bass and their opinions on the furniture while in the Philadelphia Museum of Art) And the Barnes doesn't let you take pictures inside. So all of the pictures are from the other museums. We stopped briefly at the Rodin Museum because it's super tiny but included in the price of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and literally right next to the Barnes Foundation. I LOVE VAN GOGH! He's one of my favorites, but I've definitely grown to love Matisse, Renoir, and Cezanne after seeing so much them today. And I will always love Monet as well.
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I have been incredibly busy these last few weeks, running around, having a social life, ridiculous work schedule, blah blah, yet I still managed to find time to hang out with Olivia and Sasha who are two of my best friends that I definitely don't spend enough time with. Olivia and I had talked about doing Philadelphia for the longest time and we could not have picked a more perfect date. Sasha lives in St. Louis so it's really hard for both of us to get together, but I suggested we go to Chicago and off we went for a weekend!

Once again, lots of pictures! )


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