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After the two amazing weekends for Tribeca Film Festival, [ profile] scifidvm and I decided we needed to repeat this. With our work schedules, we figured we could do the LA Shorts Fest, where Record played last year. I think when we planned this initially we had hoped Penance would show at LA Shorts (that and another short film we fell in love with called "Today's the Day") but after seeing all of the other festivals Penance was playing at, we gave up hope of seeing that. Of course LA Shorts didn't announce the schedule until two weeks before and that's when we noticed that Tim Guinee's short film "One Armed Man" was premiering. Fran Kranz from Dollhouse was also in another short film "The Lord of Catan" that we both wanted to see.

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Main Lesson Learned from this Trip: Let twitter plan your vacation and you won't be disappointed! That and celebrities are super grateful when you support their projects.
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I have been incredibly busy these last few weeks, running around, having a social life, ridiculous work schedule, blah blah, yet I still managed to find time to hang out with Olivia and Sasha who are two of my best friends that I definitely don't spend enough time with. Olivia and I had talked about doing Philadelphia for the longest time and we could not have picked a more perfect date. Sasha lives in St. Louis so it's really hard for both of us to get together, but I suggested we go to Chicago and off we went for a weekend!

Once again, lots of pictures! )
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A few weeks ago, I went off on the adventure of a lifetime. I traveled to a good portion of Europe as part of tour group with Topdeck travel, a tour company based out of London and Sydney. This adventure took me all of Europe and I got to meet tons of new people from all over the world. I took tons of pictures and it was such an awesome experience that I would definitely travel with Topdeck again. It's one of the few tour companies that doesn't charge extra for solo travelers (in fact, most of the people on the tour were traveling solo), geared towards people my age, and gave plenty of time to explore on your own too. I was actually a little concerned about the amount of free time I would have but it was the perfect balance of a guided tour and free time.

Well, onward to the adventure! I also took way more pictures than this, but this a good representation of the trip.


If you want to hear any more details about any part of my adventure, feel free to ask, I'm sure I left out TONS!


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