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SO it's that time of year again. How many movies can I see in a summer? The first year of free movie Tuesday was 12 movies, the second one was 13 movies. Can I top that list? Well, we're off to a good start.

A problem with going to the movies too much? I see the same AWKWARD trailers over and over again.

1. May 10- Something Borrowed Cute chick flick. John Krasinski stole the show
2. May 17- Bridesmaids Funny, but a little over the top. I didn't sympathize with the characters and found them a bit obnoxious.
3. May 24- Fast Five DAMN GOOD MOVIE! I haven't been this entertained in a LOOOOOOOONG time. Now I feel like rewatching the other movies because this one was just that good.
4. May 31 Hangover Part 2 The movie had its moments (about half of which were shown in the trailer) butt the other moments were awkward and boring. I feel the same way about this movie as I did about Bridesmaids, and I enjoyed Hangover (part 1?) MUCH more. My brother agreed with me on this point.
5. June 14- Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides One word: Boring!! It was long and I would never hire whoever scripted this. There were too many storylines running concurrently. The Spanish were thrown in for random conflict, but I liked the conflict between Barbarossa and Blackbeard. Also the love story between the mermaid and the clergy was unnecessary, or at least underdeveloped. Overall, I would not recommend this movie.
6. June 21- X-Men First Class I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Granted I've loved James McAvoy since he was in Children of Dune, but that could only help this movie, really. It was an amazing movie, but for one who didn't read the comics and has only seen the other movies, I can't judge on continuity. The pace of the movie was incredibly well done and I'm eager to see what they'll do for another movie.
7. June 28 Green Lantern Honestly I was kind of bored by this movie and thought they obviously spent the entire budget on special effects and not on writing. Once again, pacing of the movie left a lot to be desired, but I certainly enjoyed the flashy lights. I could do without the audience in the theater who decided to laugh at everything, whether it was funny or not, they still laughed.
8. July 12 Horrible Bosses This movie was way funnier than I thought, mostly due to the guy who plays Charlie on "It's Always Sunny" the movie was a little raunchy, but still funny and kept the laughs going. Jason Bateman is also getting REALLY annoying because he pretty much is the same guy in every movie.
The trailers are not getting any less awkward, but I'm creeped out by the new Guillermo del Toro movie. And the Jesse Eisenberg/Aziz Ansari one looks REALLY funny.
9. July 15 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 I enjoyed this movie much more than the first part. There were parts that were boring (especially coming from someone who worked all day and saw it at midnight) but overall, I thought it was a well done movie and it ended the series well. The people in the theater were a bit obnoxious (old lady shaking her fists at teenagers!!)
10. July 19 Winnie the Pooh SUPER CUTE MOVIE! I loved the story, even though it's been done a million times before, but I was quite disappointed with the voices, simply because the series I grew up on (whichever one aired 1990-1993ish), those will always be the voices in my head and any other Tigger and Piglet fail in comparison, but cute movie, other than it was RIDICULOUSLY short.
11. July 26 Captain America in 3D I'm still not too thrilled with live action 3D movies. I really loved How to Train your Dragon, Despicable Me, and Coraline in 3D. I enjoyed the movie, though I wish there was slightly more action. I'm really excited for the Avengers movie. I did enjoy the movie, but the 3D wasn't really utilized well. I think I'm getting spoiled by the movies. I see so many, I almost expect them to be well done.
12. August 9 Crazy, Stupid, Love. I absolutely adore Emma Stone. This movie was pretty well done in how it tied things together, but there were an awful lot of boring parts. I've become a pretty harsh critic on movies because I see so many, butt this movie was enjoyable, it had its funny moments and its awkward moments. Trailers still aren't getting much better.
13. August 23 The Help AMAZING MOVIE! Well done. Whoever was the casting director on this certainly did their homework. The actors were amazing, story line was TIGHT, but a bit slow at moments. A very enjoyable movie.

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